Assistant Producer

Sayama's Snafkin


  • Date of Birth:

    September 9, 1994

  • Origin:

    Sayama-city, Saitama-prefecture

  • Work philosophy:

    Better being rough and ready than slow and elaborate! At first I finish work in front of my desk

  • Job Expertise:

    I am conscious of standing in the mind of the other party and advancing the story!

  • Hobbies:

    Camping, snowboarding

  • Favorite Foods:

    Yakiniku, Yakitori

  • Dream:

    I will buy a mountain and self-sufficient

  • Career:

    Graduated from Physics Course, Meisei University → GP


Paper and pen

Learning, creating, communication of thought, all starts with paper and pen.
I write it down and put my thoughts on bed for a while when I think of something and the things came up.


  • Q1.What do you compare yourself as an animal?

    A.Maybe a dog

    I will jump into a large species of dog which is interested in, It will be as easy to understand as he waved his tail when he felt something happy.

  • Q2.What kind of event producer are you aiming for?

    A.Impression starts with my own experience

    I want to be a producer who can deliver the impression that the whole body shakes so that everyone can enjoy the same atmosphere throughout the event.

  • Q3.Actually I have such a gap

    A.Extremely chicken

    I only feel people's signs like this after seeing a scary movies and talk about scary story. My motion sensor of five senses become sensitive.


There are many turning points in life. I have also reached various milestones.
However, as we grow up, the trigger for turning points disappears.
I would like to work on an event to create an opportunity to taste the sense of non-everyday from such everyday.
Nice to meet all of you.


I went out snowboarding three times a week in winter.

It is the picture of the beach when I traveled around Japan with my friends. The silhouette of tree and me are so impressive.



from OKAWA

I thought that it was COOL when I saw the HP of GP. I felt that I saw the entertainer in the heart saying "He's real!" when I saw Mr.Shimizu at job experience.
Mr.Shimizu, who can teach me gently since I was an intern, is a very warm hearted caring senior!
Please touch this kindness when you come to the GP!


Tokyo equals Harajuku, Takeshita Street, school girls stare at him ... GP's poster boy known as Ryoyu Shimizu.
It looks like he doesn't look but he observes people well, and the special skill is the imitation of the GP employee. Please consider his imitation!
He is also good at precise work and design as well as observation eyes.
The only fault with a good personality with this handsome face?