Toward the Future of GP -GP KICK-OFF MEETING 2016-

One day to create the “Future” of GP.


Tamao, who is a new employee, is also a full member!


First of all, Mr. Kouhata gave each member a thankful “Kanji character (Chinese character)” that was filled with expectations and thoughts for fiscal 2016.

First of all, the new employee “Natsumi Tamao”!
Let’s pile up one by one slowly and quickly!

This is a letter to “Murakami Yuki” who has started to receive a lot of work from customers recently in the second year of joining.
I’m riding on the waves. It is an important leader in creating the future of GP.

Here is a letter “Fly” for “Mariko Yamaguchi” whose work is extremely fast and accurate.
Please fly away!!!

This is one of the letters for GP’s beloved character “Yuriko Yamamoto” in the third year of joining the company!
★〔GP Kickoff 2016〕光畑0412
Well, surely!

And “Nozomi Yamashita” who reached the second year of working people!
Now it is an essential part of the GP. Thank you as always!

And speaking of GP, “Akihito Yano”!
Their humanity has earned excellent trust from inside and outside the company.

This is one of the last members of mid-career recruitment last year “Hiromi Mito”.
By joining the GP members, the stability of the entire company has been greatly enhanced!

The third generation of the GP “Tsubasa Mizuno” …
Do you say it’s a gap with the appearance … It sounds good people aura!

“Kouji Toumura” is really a goalkeeper for the GP.
★〔GP Kickoff 2016〕光畑0412_2
The client, partner, and all aspects of “Trust” are tremendous.

Event producer “Mayo Miyanaga” who hangs the world in a crooked way!
Thank you very much for your kind guidance.

Lastly, there is no one on the right in the excitement of the whole venue, “Ryudai Kitakawa”
His “boosting power” is not by discipline but by nature!

… All while feeling delighted by the unexpected surprise message, the feelings and expectations put there are tightened.

And kick-off start!!

(Finally !!!)

The day was divided into three major stages.


1) Confirmation of current conditions-FY2015 results and results-
2) Year Plan-Designing Fiscal 2016-
3) 2016 Tomorrow Meeting-GP All Members to consider in 2016 Mission-

First of all,

“Results report” in fiscal 2015 and “Re-sharing of GP-ism”

Because it is confidential, I can not tell about the numbers deeply, but what can be said …

“Congratulation! Target sales achieved !!!

I will continue to do well in fiscal 2016.

In “GP-ism resharing”, what is our “thought” through the event? Beginning with …
First of all, is a venture?
And what should a GP be as a venture company?
Well …
It seems to be understood and important mind again.

As a founding member, we are the existence of a “device” that supports GP.
By the way, it took an hour for Kohata to look for a photo of this vessel …
After all it is commitment to the vessel of GP!

That Kohata will never forgive … (the title is scary)
★〔GP Kickoff 2016〕光畑0412_3
It is an important basis as a professional team.

And reconfirmation of “MUST SKILL” for GP members.
What is missing for me now?
What should we intensify for our next goal?

And three powers to move the GP. And their relationship and balance.
By balancing the three forces, the GP is built up and grows.

Also, what is the essence of an event producer?!
The above three points are essential elements not only for events but for all producers.。

And then … do you have to make such a big announcement! ?
“The 4 human resources that GP wants” !! (Adoption criteria)
Everyone… is currently acclaimed in “My Navi” is being adopted!!
We look forward to your application! !

By the way, I received a thank-you word from Mr.Sonshi for this kickoff.
Thank you very much !!!

Next is

“Annual Plan for Fiscal 2016”


Last year’s GP CONCEPT was “Professional Team”,
The fiscal 2016 is an evolutionary form.



★〔GP Kickoff 2016〕光畑0313

This year of the company’s last year of founding to train the “base” and “foot” as a company.

What kind of year do you plan to make this year while looking ahead?
Discussions will proceed while also referring to the 2017 concept.


And last

“to tomorrow meeting”

(Well … let’s move on to the next without worrying about the word you’ve heard …)


This tomorrow’s meeting will be held without the Kouhata,
All of our employees seriously discussed the “2016 Mission” in order to realize GP’s VISION.

This meeting is the third year of joining Murakami as a facilitator
As the conference heats up, the desk also gradually gets scattered …

While looking back on the quantitative aspect and qualitative aspect of GP
Opinions flew one after another, such as “What kind of company do you want to become in 2020?”

And while sharing hot and precious time, one day is over in a while.

What? Words of encouragement from Mr. Aristotle following Mr.Sonshi!!
Once Mr. Aristotle cheers you up, you have to do it!

Finishing “GP KICK-OFF 2016”, heartwarmingly, and one, a GP member with more and more motivated.
I will continue to accelerate and keep on running from now on

Thank you all, please look forward to us in the future!

※ It became an too much volume even with KICK-OFF, thank you for reading so far.