• Shaping client`s thoughts
    into their event

    Kouhata Masaki

    Masaki Kouhata

    CEO, Creative Director, Financial Accounting, and HR

    GLOBAL PRODUCE is an event production company launched in 2012. We are following a vision of “Delivering happiness to the world through our events” – with all of the staff working hard to provide the best product.
    There are a wide variety of events, that companies, governments, and various organizations carry out whether it’s large or small. We, Global Produce Co., Ltd., is not just arrangers, but also make our customers feel the events as the best solution for maximizing the effects of implementation by shaping their thoughts into their event.
    “The best events” have the effect of connecting people with each other, creating excitement and creating a new consciousness.
    The change of consciousness occurs collectively, which directly leads to corporate and social energy. By changing the world in a better way, our role is expected to determine more materiality in the 21st century. Furthermore, we will play more significant and contribute more to the revitalization of society through events.
    We will continue to be a continually growing venture company, providing the best creativity and excellent service, and aiming to be a company that emphasizes compliance. We look forward to your continued understanding and support in the future.

  • Strategy planning
    in the communication area

    Kawamoto Tatsuto

    Tatsuto Kawamoto

    General manager and planner
    Company-wide planning control

    We follow the evaluation of the products we want to obtain on the review site on a daily basis, in search for the good cafes on the gourmet site, communicate with friends at SNS, and enjoy the drama recorded at night on the train. Nowadays, internet advertising costs have surpassed one trillion yen, and people are routinely spending their days immersed in virtual communication. Under such circumstances, I feel that the value is increasingly being questioned because “That the reality boils emotionally at that moment = real power” has been lost in exchange for convenience.
    The work we take provides a wide variety of shapes depending on the client's challenges. What is the accurate outcome for the client? What is the "Turn one on" that moves the mind of the visitors?
    GLOBAL PRODUCE will work on strengthening the planning solution technology that can propose from strategy planning to output in "Event-Core" communication domain in an "One-Stop" way.
    Moreover, we also contribute to the maximization of the effects of our customers' measures by incorporating new technology. Please let us be with you by all means to the destination of the "Beyond Impression".

  • Sincerity
    Event operation

    Yano Akihito

    Akihito Yano

    Chief Producer-Marketing

    We always want to be a company that “allows customers to provide inspiration that has never been experienced before" – furthermore, they must think “how amazing that we met with Global Produce”.
    We constantly analyze the needs and trends of changing times and propose events that create TWO WAY communication between the organizer and the participants. Above all, we value the dialogue with our customers.
    We are a company with young employees, including me. We don’t exclusively work on planning - but additionally, we teach our team to deliver custom made solutions. Moreover, we cherish manners as well as having highly accurate suggestion powers for all staff, and we conduct event operations with sincerity for customers with heart of gratitude to customers in any field. I kindly thank you for your support.

  • What is the most important process
    for planning global events?

    Okutani Natsuro

    Natsuro Okutani

    Event Producer-Overseas Business Manager

    “Always attach the antenna and grab the waves” is an important motto. The client and the production side are working hard every day to think "How we grab the wave by putting the antenna all the time". Among them, we are working hard every day together as all employees to be the reliable producing company.
    I entered the industry, which mainly worked out with the concert business 40 years ago as a part-time employee. I learned a lot of skills related to the industry and a lot of things like sound production, stage production & supervision, directing, and management by the field experiences. Not only in Japan, but also in overseas and on world tours, I collected many amazing experiences that can’t be written on paper. The equipment and technology will develop and evolve daily, and correspondingly the way of working will change and more in the field of production site and the staff management. Without delaying these changes, the vast experience, connections, and knowledge extraction are completely different from the knowledge of the World Wide Web. It will be the basis of significant advantages and reassurance in our production sites.
    We are able to provide stable and full services with high precision related to the production site and technical aspects.
    No matter how the period time and technologies develop, the process of thinking and creating does not change at all. It’s the people who effectively combine and execute the best technologies. In addition, it is also human beings to see, feel, and impressed with them. This is the same in Japan and overseas. Today, as we are approaching a major national event in Japan, domestic events are also globalizing.
    We would like to adequately respond to the increasing number of in-band events and also an addition to the overseas events.

  • Derive the best rendition to tell
    the client`s thought and vision

    Tomura Kouji

    Kouji Tomura

    Event producer / In charge of PR event

    There is no single answer to "The Form of Success" at any event. There are as 100 types of answers as there are 100 types of events, and it is our role to derive the best solution for each event.
    It is always required to think deeply and realize these propositions by thinking "What do the visitors want to take home with?", "What kind of thoughts and vision do the organizers want to convey?". Furthermore, we must to find an answer to meet the wishes for both parties that "What kind of direction is the best for that?". In addition, in order to carry out such custom-made events, the presence of partners are indispensable who are experts in various fields such as "equipment", "lighting", "sound", and "art".
    It is our pride that the partners which GLOBAL PRODUCE works on at a daily basis are only top-class professionals because the quality of these partnerships are critically related to the "Success of the Event".
    We, GLOBAL PRODUCE, will continue to build partnerships within the industry and keep creating events that are “Implementation with high effect” and “Remain in the hearts of people”.

  • Be a bridge that connects
    the world and Japan

    Miyanaga Mayo

    Mayo Miyanaga

    Account director
    In charge of WEB, General Affairs Chief and Partner Reliance

    "Unique Venue" is receiving a lot of attention in a recent global MICE trend. Not so-called banquet halls such as hotels or dedicated facilities for convention purposes, attractive spaces that give overwhelming surprises to participants such as famous art museums, palaces and aquariums, amusement parks and uninhabited island are the hot topics!
    The event venues such as "AWARD", "GALA DINNER" and "THEME PARTY" are supported by many organizers by producing even more unusual feeling and special sense of feeling.
    In Japan, 2013, the Tourism Bureau launched the Unique Venue Utilization Promotion Council were launched, but due to legal restrictions such as the Cultural Property Protection Act, the Fire Service Act, the Building Standard Act, and the Food Sanitation Act, the usage release of unique venues have became an obstacle depending on the current situation with a Japanese MICE issue.
    GLOBAL PRODUCE will continue to research overseas’ events through cooperating with embassies and travel agencies around the world. We would like to be a "Linking Bridge" by strengthening collaboration with various partner companies inside and outside of Japan.
    Please encourage us forever!

  • Spread the events that contribute to the
    clients and societies development

    Motoki Naoki

    Naoki Motoki

    Sales Chief Manager

    We believe our mission is to solve client's problems through events. We always have to think the way to solve the problem through event, and what kind of event can it be expected to bring about implementation effect. We can expect the greatest problem solving effects by engaging customers with deeper parts by sharing not only the method of the event but also the purpose and the meaning of the event.
    Our target is the world as you can see from the name of GLOBAL PRODUCE. There are people in the company dedicated to overseas events, and there are many who lived abroad. I can see a things "Outside from Japan", since I used to live abroad. I have a perspective of "Japan from a world perspective". One of my strengths is being able to inform you about the latest trends on the purpose and method related to overseas events, and to make use of the connections I have cultivated working abroad.
    In addition, Tokyo will be the most attention, and it will be the hottest summer in the world, 2020.
    As I am working at sports business, I am also looking forward working at this field. It is also a chance for Japan to fly back into the world, even in areas other than sports. We also want to help companies through the event, and let me introduce the case of study ,suggestions and guidance.

  • Became a memory of people who
    gather. Design the "Movement"

    Hayashi Kohei

    Kohei Hayashi

    Business strategy

    Our life is made up of many memories. There are memories of meeting with multiple people, places where people spent with them, the scenery that people saw together, and the sounds that people heard together at that place. What kind of memories, what kind of touch, what kind of scenery, what kind of sounds did you experience in your life?
    On the other hand, what is the express purpose of "gathering" when people look at the society turning into "Digitization and Substitution" to "Machines and AI" advancing these days.
    We believe that "people meet and spend time with others", as we are human beings, these are the activities that create our memories connected to our five senses and enrich our lives. It should also lead to the theme, friends and feelings for work.
    If you think so, the event requires not only "safe situation, cheapness, smoothness", (not only) but I think it is "the moment is designed casually to be the memories of the people who gather".
    We, GLOBAL PRODUCE, carefully design every single event for customers and related parties by thinking their minds and hearts of those we gather. The event does not remain as a form, but it is something that remains in mind. We at GLOBAL PRODUCE will continue to create memorable events.

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