The composition of the event at the Okinawa Convention Center made in the solemnity like an international conference.
    And, we ensured maximum visibility.


    Stage design based on white.
    A vertical screen was installed on both sides of the 400inch LED at the center.
    The white panel spreading on both sides are the evoke of "Spreading to the future".
    The runway at the center of the venue takes the entire space on stage.


    A cityscape in the whole space.
    Program design that eliminates the barrier between the entrance and the stage.
    This is a 2020 space design. Participants could go to the attraction while listening to the presentation on the stage program.


    Stage design at Yokohama Arena. There are 600 illuminations, including strip-shaped LEDs (total of 7), a center stage and an airship. Planning with 8 cameras. Produce a dynamic presentation.

  • リリー

    Company wide general meeting which imaged NEWS STUDIO.
    Designing the entire space in one piece with a news-like presentation method and camera work.
    Pre-edit and edit the strategy to document program style.

  • RMP

    The runways, which extend straight into the stage, images the landing strips and created a refreshing sensation to penetrate.
    Production that directs to the "Annual business plan".
    A band of 100 people appears from every door of the venue in the finale.

  • あいおい

    Stage design with dignity based on white.
    An object symbolizing the award is installed at the center.
    A theater of 1000 people used by the venue.
    Screen arrangement emphasizing visibility.

  • FDハデハデ

    Space design that imagines a cabaret.
    Stage composition that you can feel the enthusiasm and passion to the fullest.
    Line dance appears in the bridge production.

  • FD松明

    Image of the Japanese style.
    The huge Taimatsu (torch) object with 9m height was all original production.
    Bamboo objects on both sides express the "Yukyu (eternity)".


    Space design that runs through the frontier.
    The audience could feel like a close to the stage from all over the venue.
    Established a substage to foster a sense of one team throug the venue.
    A huge truck and Mustang were placed on both sides of the stage.

  • 大同生命

    Designed a flower path that leads to a flowing stage.
    It is lit by the "Tourou (lanterns)" on both sides and commended for one year's achievements.
    An oath for the future that reflects on oneself that be projected on the screen.

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