First of all, I would like to ask about your company’s situation and introduce you to our company.
Please do not hesitate to make a request if you have a representative in charge.
For specific consultations and requests, you will receive an orientation for implementation.
Hearing will be held several times if necessary.

Please let us know your (5W2H) for the event.

  • Why(the purpose)

    Please tell us the expected effects of the implementation.
    Setting a goal clears your sense of purpose.

  • What(Contents)

    Please tell us the implementation details and issues.

  • When(Date and time)

    Please tell us the time of production and the
    preparation period.
    We will consider a realistic plan by setting a final goal
    and deadline.

  • Where(place)

    We will offer suggestions for the best venue, like hotels, event venues, outdoors, etc.

  • Who(Target)

    We will plan according to the number of participants,
    conditions, the gender ratio, age, and attributes, etc.

  • How(means)

    Please let us know if you have preconditions or constraints in the implementation.

  • How

    Please let us know if you have a budget expectation or upper limit budget in advance.


Please let us know if you have any concerns in order to have a better plan
There are essential planning tips in vague anxiety.


We will create a proposal and implementation plan by your information that
we received in the orientation and hearing.
We will visualize the "thoughts" of the clients in charge specified in the
proposal by the value "reliability, feasibility, implementation effect".
In order to link the gap between goal and reality, we will prepare a beautiful
proposal that looks beautiful as well as content.

Project summary

Preconditions of the plan Implementation summary / Venue details etc.
Implementation concept Concept / Production motif / Worldview etc.
Highlights of planning Various contents / Methods etc.
Implementation management system Organizer / GP / External cooperation
technical companies etc.
Venue image Stage perth / Plan / Elevation / Venue
decoration etc.
Image structure proposal Opening / Ending / Video production etc.
Hospitality plan Reception / Guidance / Explanation to the winners /
Foods and drinks etc.
Candidate cast MC / Artists / Models / Promotion models etc.
Production schedule Production products such as brochure /
Various preparation documents / Various required period etc.

Past proposal cases

  • Award event

    award method / top award method / party direction

  • Sports event

    Competition plan / Opening ceremony / Closing ceremony

  • A showcase of new products

    Expressing the world view of products / Presentation method

  • Anniversary ceremony

    history VTR / representative presentation method


Sometimes unconventional planning content is also necessary.
Opportunity to create a big excitement as planning is difficult.


We will receive about 1 hour and give a presentation of the plan with the participation of all project members.
We will get feedback from you and we will make the plan better after the presentation.



We will summarize the main points nad directionality together to the implementation plan after the project implementation is decided, repeat , and pile up the brain storming.
We will clear up any questions or concerns about the content of the project at this stage as much as possible.
We will share project progress with regular meetings so we, GP members, can arrange production management materials and various preparations.

Preparations during the production period

  • 1. External partner coordination

    Sounds and lightings / Visual equipment / Stage work decoration / Performers etc

  • 2. Production schedule management

    Both tasks and role arrangement / Setting of regular MTG /
    Deadline sharing

  • 3. Operation Manual

    Implementation outline / System / Stage preparation and rehearsal schedule / Design /
    Operation plan / equipment list

  • 4. Event script

    Stage production plans / MC comments / Image development etc

  • 5. Various application documents

    Fire department / Police station / Health center notification

  • 6. Other

    Image Conte / souvenir design / printed matter /
    Awards / staff movement chart etc


Sometimes unconventional planning content is also necessary.
The project, that hard to realize, will be an opportunity to create a big excitement.


In preparation for the production, we will start to announce the invitations and web development to the participants.
It is a necessary advance measure to lead the project to success.
We will proceed with the establishment of the Executive Committee at this stage.


The day of the show will come after setting up the venue and rehearsing.
We will all strive as one to deliver the best impression
to the participants with the client.
The events are alive. Even you made careful planning is able to
make sudden changes.
At such times, we will respond to circumstances professionally.
Also, after the event, we will offer sharing memories through
"thank you letter" and the WEB as after-sales service, you can
connect to the continuation and deepening of your feelings.

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