Assistant Producer

Crybaby event girl

There are many regrets and tears, but I try not to cry ....


  • Date of Birth:

    March 27, 1993

  • Origin:

    Nerima-ward, Tokyo

  • Work philosophy:

    Share what you thought immediately. I won’t give up!

  • Job Expertise:

    I can imitate people who can do it right away

  • Hobbies:


  • Favorite Foods:


  • Dream:

    Large-scale event organize in space

  • Career:

    Joined from Aoyama Gakuin University within intern


Simmons Bed

I was given a present by the whim of my father.
Just sleeping in this bed will make me so happy every day. Sometimes my parents get angry because I go to bed too much ...


  • Q1.What are the recommended spots for the GP office?

    A.A warm sunshine terrace!

    It is the completion of SNS if you drink coffee with your legs crossed here.

  • Q2.When is the most exciting time (or plan) in your life?

    A.60 years old (planned).

    Become a sophisticated and fashionable woman who is at the cutting edge of VOGUE's Ana Winter.

  • Q3.Tell us about the love of GP?

    A.GP love to dedicate college life as a GP intern student.

    From summer of university junior year to spring of senior year, it is GP love which dedicates precious university life as a GP intern student.
    I was surprised that my senior employees said, "Why are you spending here even it is the valuable summer vacation of your life !?" but it was a very meaningful and exciting time here at GP!


I always have professionalism and responsibility, and work on each one as a GLOBAL PRODUCE employee.
I will always be bright and polish my skills and become a trusted event producer, so everyone, thank you very much for Yurika Suzuki’s support!


It is a commendation shield that I got when I won the GP intern program in the summer of the third grade at university. My GP life started from here.

It is a photograph of the venue when I participated in the GP intern as a managing side in the summer of the fourth grade at university. (GP OFFICE 3F studio!) It was my first event planning and production.




She cry a lot. She is well dejected.
She always say "I'm tired-" ... I almost ignore it there.
However, she has a lot of unbearable spirit. To brighten the surroundings, loved by everyone, Suzuki's fast-moving head, I'm sure she will become an indispensable part of the GP in the near future.

from DOI

Although she is a recent girl who creates an atmosphere of "The small devil", but she works so hard who also has a clever look and very delicate parts.
She is highly motivated to work and has an extraordinary level of processing power. Please watch the growth of unknown number, Suzuki, together!