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当社のクリエイティブディレクターALANとチーフプロデューサーの藤原が2025年に控えている大阪万博に向けて、DUBAI EXPOへ視察へ行ってきました!!!

Spectacular / 壮観

Based on the overall theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, and sub-themes of sustainability, mobility, and opportunity, the Dubai Expo 2020 is truly spectacular.

「Connecting Minds, Creating the Future」という全体テーマと、サステナビリティ・モビリティ・機会というサブテーマに基づいて開催されたドバイ万博2020は、実に壮観でした 。

From the scale of operations to the pavilions on display, everything about the Dubai Expo is an experience that will live with you for a lifetime.


Having been to the expo in Italy, Shanghai and Korea. I was lucky enough again with the support of my boss Kouhata San and together with Fujiwara san to get some inspirational ideas on how the pavilions are designed and the technology involved.


This will further help me further drive creativity and innovation for our clients projects as creative director.


Storytelling and innovation had always been my vision to great events.


Little Fact / 豆知識

Did you know that The first world fair started in 1851, in London,
初めての万国博覧会は、 1851年にロンドンで開催されたことをご存じでしたか?

And its most distinguished structure was the Crystal Palace.

Unfortunately destroyed by a fire later in time, this structure was developed by the English in order to display the outstanding developments of the industrial era and the importance of Great Britain at the time.


The World Connects / 世界が繋がる

Scorching heat, we brave the queue to experience the best of the World expo.

The exhibition is huge- 200 pavilions, 191 of which are of participating countries. This makes it really hard to decide on which pavilions to include. We plan the must-visit list and which ones skip

We only manage to cover the top 15 suggested pavilions on a 5 day trip before the world expo ends end of march, a 10 hour flight to sunny Dubai from Narita. Averaging about 3 pavilions a day.
万博が終わる3月末、成田から太陽の降り注ぐドバイまで10時間のフライトに乗り、 5日間で候補のパビリオン上位15カ所しかカバーすることができませんでした = 1日平均3パビリオンでした。

With 192 countries participating at the Dubai Expo 2020, it’s not only the largest but also, the most inclusive expo. Apart from three pavilions dedicated to the central themes of the Dubai Expo, each country has its own pavilion, representing the nation and the chosen theme.

Here are our best take of the expo.

Gateway to the Future. / 未来への扉

Stepping into the Dubai Expo 2020, with its beautifully constructed entry gates (courtesy, British architect Asif Khan), was like stepping into a futuristic world.

The Experience / 万博のセンターステージ

 The Al Wasl Plaza which takes centre stage at Expo 2020 provides the largest 360-degree projection surface, so far that I have seen. the Al- Walsh Dome is nothing short of an architectural and engineering marvel.

We sat and counted there are about 260 plus projectors. Amazing!

The Experience / UAEパビリオン

Being the host of the Expo 2020 event, the UAE certainly to show the world that it is capable of designing and constructing a piece of architecture that is worthy of the title.
万博の開催国であるUAEは、その名誉にふさわしい建築を設計、建設する能力があることを世界に示すことに成功しました 。

Shaped like a falcon in flight, the UAE Pavilion is designed to reflect the bird’s agility and strength of the country and its people. It is also a cultural symbol of the country and is a huge part of Emirati tradition.

Once you are inside, you will be even more impressed by its immersive presentation from a room full of projections on real sand dunes displaying the history of the UAE to a 4D experience theatre with an elevating platform.

The Experience / ドイツ館

Germany Pavilion is another fun pavilion you should definitely not miss at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

what makes Germany Pavilion one of the most beautiful pavilions to visit is the fun and interactive swing room where you will find yourself surrounded by large screens and you will be able to watch the presentation while synchronously swinging to the ongoing light and sound show.

But I felt visitors were more engrossed with the swinging than the content. :). But from each his own.

The Experience / イギリス館

The UK pavilion is designed to showcase the country’s collective intellectual and collaborative future using an AI-generated collective poem that anyone can contribute to and it will be displayed on the facade of its stunning fiber-optic-cable-shaped structure.
英国パビリオンは、誰もが投稿できるAIが生成した集合詩を用いて、この国の知的で協調的な未来を示す設計がされていました。 素晴らしくデザインされた光ファイバーケーブル状の構造物のファサードに集合詩が表示されます。

Simple yet engaging.

What I discovered was The design of the pavilion is inspired by Stephen Hawking’s final project, “Breakthrough Message” which invites visitors to consider what message they would like to communicate as a planet should we one day encounter other advanced civilizations in space.

The Experience / サウジアラビア館

Saudi Arabia Pavilion is probably one of my favorite pavilions so far. In terms of area, the Saudi Arabian Pavilion is considered to be the second-largest pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

What makes it so special is the double curved screens on the wall and the curved floor that shows these stunning locations from both normal and aerial views, all synchronized in a way that creates such an immersion it makes me want to visit the country right there and then.

Now that’s some good use of Drone footage!

The Experience / ルクセンブルク・パビリオン 館

My top vote The Luxembourg Pavilion is definitely the biggest surprise out of all.

Who would think that one of the smallest countries in the world would have so much impact on the world and on me at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Luxembourg Pavilion is a stunning piece of architecture that employs the looping geometry of the möbius strip, a single surface twisted with neither beginning nor end, representing infinity, all curved around the structure creating both an incredible visual for us to see as well as create a perfect representation of the country’s ambitions.

Once you are inside, you will be able to learn more about this small country and how it impacted the world.

Fun fact, Luxembourg is the sole provider of steel and glass that made up Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world. I didn’t know that until now!

The Luxembourg Pavilion is also the only pavilion that boast an indoor slide where you can jump in to get down to the exhibition ground floor. Unfortunately the queue was long so we skipped. There is also a local restaurant called the Schengen Lounge which is named after a town in Luxembourg where you can tasted Luxembourgish fusion cuisine. Yes, the food was delicious.

The Experience / モビリティ・パビリオン

The mobility pavilion, Since the main focuses of Expo 2020 Dubai are sustainability and mobility, it is fitting that they would design and build a structure with the concept of mobility in mind from the ground up.

The Mobility pavilion is hands down one of the most impressive structures on this list.

It was designed by the award-winning British design firm Foster + Partners using highly polished curved stainless-steel cladding that was inspired by aircraft wings shape to represent movement and mobility.
このパビリオンは、数々の賞を受賞しているイギリスの設計事務所 Foster + Partners によって設計され、航空機の翼の形状からインスピレーションを得て、動きと機動性を表現するために非常に洗練された曲線のステンレススチールのクラッドを使用しています。

The pavilion is dedicated to the UAE’s impressive space program and the Hope Mission to Mars highlighting the Arab world’s role in advancing global mobility.
このパビリオンは、アラブ首長国連邦の宇宙プログラムと、グローバルモビリティを推進するアラブ世界の今後の役割を強調する火星探査機「Hope Mission」に特化したものです。

The immersive walk through is just hard to describe that you need to be there to experience it. Sound, lights, technology, visual in perfect harmony.

The Experience / ロシア館

Its stunning ! 圧巻でした!

Like a giant colorful lollipop, the Russian pavilion is probably going to catch your attention the moment you walk in its vicinity.

With the concept of creativity and mobility, the Russia Pavilion is designed to show off the creative minds that are spearheading the country’s future.
創造性とモビリティをコンセプトとするロシア館は、この国の未来を切り開くクリエイティブマインドを紹介するために設計されています 。
The 360 led show content, sound and build up takes into the minds of a connected future. I felt I was transported into someone’s mind.

Teleportation. テレポーテーション!

View from the Top / 頂上からの展望

 Last but not least, we took a thrilling ride on the sky garden lift.

Fly like a bird in Garden in the Sky to enjoy the best view of the Expo 2020 site.

At 55 metres above the ground, Garden in the Sky is an observation tower and ‘flying park’ in one, offering 360-degree views of the wonderful 4.38 square kilometre Dubai 2020 World Expo site.

Wished I could have some beer and do a BBQ there.

Possibilities are Endless / 可能性は無限

I wished we had more time to experience all of the world expo pavilions.

But its just too expansive to do so within a week. I am certainly looking forward to the Osaka expo 2025.

Meanwhile with all the inspiration and experience that I have encountered.I am excited to take your projects to the next level. GP way! Possibilities are endless.
GP流に。 可能性は無限大!

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future
心をつなぎ、未来をつくる 。






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